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Suqian Guangheng Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Suqian Guangheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a real estate comprehensive development enterprise invested and established by Guangbo Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and possesses Qualification Level 3 (tentative) of Real Estate Development.
In accordance with the management mode of modern enterprises and the operation mode of the system of company with limited liability, the Company is divided into Prophase Department, Planning and Marketing Department, Engineering Department, Design Department, etc. Under the leadership of the general manager, employees cooperate and coordinate with each other, forming a motivated and pioneering enterprise team.
At present, ¡°Suqian Guangbo Lijing Gulf Residential Project¡± developed and constructed by Suqian Guangheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. is in construction urgently. The project, located in the south side of Huangshan Road of Suyu New District, the east side of Jinshajiang Road, is close to the scenery area of the ancient canal. The project covers an area of 201.8 mu approximately and its building construction area is about 300,000 square meters. A livable place where high-rise buildings and multi-storey buildings coexist is planned to be built in three phases.
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Company Address£º Huashan Road, No. 109, Suyu Economic Development Zone, Suqian City
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