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Jiangsu Guangxin New Special Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Guangxin New Special Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., an integrated enterprise enjoying independent designs, manufacture and installation, manufactures special equipment machinery, corrosion insulation, metal doors and windows, and installs electromechanical devices, foundation and infrastructure as a whole. The plant area is of 80,000 square meters, and its annual processing capacity is more than 80, 000 tons.
With the objective of ¡°Safety First, Quality First, Service First¡±, the Company sets up an effective engineering quality management system. The Company strictly complies with ISO9001 Quality Management System so that each of the process is of programmed control and management. The Company cooperates with multiple architectural design and research institutes on design technique. In the future, the Company is willing to join hands with steel structure peers, making due contributions to actively promote the development of the steel structure industry and constantly developing green, environmental, energy-saving and reusable supporting new technologies, new systems and new products of overall steel architecture.

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