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Suqian Guangbo Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Suqian Guangbo Holding Group Co., Ltd., located in Suyu Economic Development Zone, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, a national eco-city, is a modern enterprise group engaging in light industry, stationery, new materials, mold, hardware, electronics, etc.
Technology can promote industry. Sticking to the principle of ¡°Construct top-grade industry, gather first-class talents, create first-class environment and build first-class innovation park¡±, guided by new energy, new materials, new light sources and advanced manufacturing, Suqian Guangbo Holding Group Co., Ltd. encourages the R&D and incubation of hi-tech projects.
The main parts of Guangbo Suqian Technology Park include nanometer metal powder, solar cell slurry, communications and some other industries. Under the leadership of Doctor-class R&D team, it already has built a number of national emerging strategic material production lines and possessed more than 10 international and domestic patents of inventions. The products have been widely applied to high-end conductive materials and are mainly supplied to Samsung, TDK, Sumitomo, Murata, Kyocera and other Fortune 500 companies, being widely used in the emerging electronics industry, aerospace materials and some other projects.
The cores of Guangbo Suqian Industrial Park include machinery manufacturing, mold, hardware & electronics, auto parts and some other advanced manufacturing, in which Zhejiang businessmen gather. By accelerating the cluster development of industrial projects in the park, a comprehensive industrial R&D park led by new materials and new energy industry and integrated with advanced creation industry and modern logistics is built.
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