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Green mailbox

Green mailbox is extensive Holding Group to achieve effective communication with employees, interactive trust and harmonious development of green carrier, it's set up to create a broad range of harmony, the main thrust of development, and strive to reflect the lack of existence of the business in a timely manner comprehensive real depth. A letter to employees combined with their own work, and life, the problems encountered, truly reflect the dynamic of employees thought.

Green mailbox be sorted by the extensive collection of employee comments and suggestions, the effective implementation reply system, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, closely linked to the development of enterprises and employees progress. It is not only a means of communication between the employees and the company, to establish an effective channel for more employees to actively participate in the day-to-day management, thereby enhancing the cohesion of the enterprise.
¡¡¡¡ Green mailbox
¡¡¡¡Opening time: every Saturday 16:00 reply Hours: Tuesdays 14:00

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